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The management of the faculty was fully aware of the necessity to engage the best scientists in the field as faculty professors. Prelog was engaged in a small laboratory synthesizing special samples of rare chemicals to be sold through the chemical store "Dřiza" in Prague. The first-appointed professor of organic chemistry was Ivan Marek, formerly the professor at the School of Trade in Zagreb.

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When mice were a6 fat burner arvustused to radiation at 6 months of age, acute damages of mature blood cells were rather milder probably because of their maturation with age; but again, cells in the LKS fraction were specifically damaged, and their numerical recovery was significantly delayed probably as a result of LKS-specific cellular damages.

Interestingly, in contrast to the recovery of the number of cells in the LKS fraction, their quality was not recovered, which was quantitatively assessed on the basis of oxidative-stress-related fluorescence intensity.

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To investigate why the recovery in the number of cells in the LKS fraction was delayed, expression levels of genes related to cellular proliferation and apoptosis of cells in the bone marrow and LKS fraction were analyzed by real-time polymerase chain reaction RT-PCR. In the case of month-old mice after radiation exposure, Ccnd1, PiK3r1 and Fyn were overexpressed solely in cells in the LKS fraction.

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Because Ccnd1and PiK3r1 upregulated by aging were further upregulated by radiation, single-dose radiation seemed to induce the acceleration of aging, which is related to the essential biological responses during aging based on a lifetime-dependent relationship between a living creature and xenobiotic materials. Index Scriptorium Estoniae Tallinnas Kujundaja Andres Tali.

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