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See tähendab, et ma pole veel kohal: mul on veel võimalusi minna. Kuid lihtsalt teadmine, et on küpsiseid, mida ma ei saa süüa, paneb mind end pisut petama. Selle dieedi pooldajad väidavad, et kui te väldite kõrge süsivesikusisaldusega toite, sööte te lihtsalt nii palju valku ja rasva kui soovite.

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No bloating, heartburn or gastritis. I used to suffer from bloating and heartburn all the time.

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I have also had severe cases of gastritis a few times in my life. I had no cases of gastritis and experienced heartburn only a few times when I was off low-carb.

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So LCHF actually did really solve my health problems. Since going off low-carb I have had heartburn again and have taken some medication for it.

My Experience with Low-Carb: the Good and the Bad

No cravings initially. For the first months of low-carbing I was actually really happy and had virtually no cravings for carbs and mainly sugar.

Kas tõlkida kirjeldus Google'i tõlke abil eesti keelde? This type of diet plan claims to lose weight up to 24 pounds in just two weeks! The meals of each day are pretty straight forward and easy to prepare. You can use this apps everywhere you go for easy references only on your fingertips!

If you struggle with sugar addiction, cravings or a sweet tooth, I would still recommend going somewhat lower carb. The fear of eating fat: gone.

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Fat is a necessary part in any nutrition plan. You need good quality fats in your life. Coconut oil, full-fat dairy, nuts, seeds, olives, avocado etc: I now love those things and am not afraid that they will make me fat.

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Everything in moderation though! The love of vegetables. I have started to love vegetables now. I never used to know how to cook them so that they taste great. Low carbing included veggies in every main meal.

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That made me search for recipes and learn to cook them. Now I love veggies so much that I need and want to have some every single day. New recipes.

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As already mentioned, I learned to cook new dishes and learned new techniques. For example: sugar-free and gluten-free cheesecake. Gluten makes me feel bloated, sugar makes my blood sugar fluctuate.

I feel so much better when I avoid them as much as possible. Now I have the knowledge to cook great food other ways beside the traditional way. Food tastes great with some extra fat.

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Add some fat to your veggies and they taste a thousand times better. Fat is an extra layer of flavour. Even the people who never loved veggies now eat them.

No bloating, heartburn or gastritis.

A boring boiled carrot or roasted with olive oil and herbs: which sounds better? Slow hunger.

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When you have to eat only twice a day, it saves you a lot of time. Eating a fat-based diet keeps you full for a longer time, up to 6—8 hours. Fast weight-loss.

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Minu weightloss teekond keto that is an obvious advantage of low-carbing. You will lose weight and you will lose it fast.


I lost 7,5 kilograms during my first 2 weeks! Now talk about motivation! Fast results will give you more drive and willpower to continue.

Kuidas keto ja vahelduv paast aitasid sellel poisil kaotada rohkem kui naela Viige meid läbi oma mõtteviii, kui olite kõige rakem. Kuida mõjuta teie kaal teie igapäevat elu? Olin aatane ja tundin, et uren aktiivelt.

Some of the weight-loss is of course water weight minu weightloss teekond keto still: seeing the numbers move is a great feeling at first, at least. Great community. I made lots of good friends via Instagram and my blog. The low-carb community is extremely supportive and friendly.