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Laurène Wiesztort Full Text Available Cities, main biotope of the Man in the World, glean more and more agricultural lands and natural spaces beyond the distant peripheries.

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Historic processes such as the mass urbanization or the industrialization based on the exploitation of subsoil resources, have taken over many natural spaces that were destroyed or erased or exploited for economic purposes. Within the framework of the métropolisation, this feeling is accentuated due to urban sprawl, which is more and more important.

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Since the s, we speak about sustainable development as about a new philosophy that would lead us to rapid kaalulangus mees more balanced world between will economic, social, cultural and environmental policies.

The region is very invested in the domain, because of the speci cities of its territory. Methodologically, I have chosen to address this issue by studying the case of Lille Metropolis, relying on both eldwork four years during my thesis as well as on two inquiries which I led on the regional territory in and This research has helped to highlight the medium-sized cities, small towns and rural municipalities play a major role in territorial policies such as green and blue weft.

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They are the key to meet the demand of urban natural spaces. Taking this into consideration, the region will thinking about fat burner para mujeres nature of hearts with many vocations: ecological biodiversity reserves, social parks and.

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