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Some locals will tell you that Estonians are all tree- worshiping pagans at heart, but the truth is that this isnt a very religious country at all. Join the crowd. Bekkerstraat , NL SG Utrecht, NL Klass 5: Medical and veterinary preparations and articles; sanitary preparations and articles; dietary supplements and dietetic preparations; sanitary preparations for veterinary purposes; disinfectants for veterinary purposes; bacteriological, biological, chemical preparations for veterinary purposes; chemical reagents for veterinary purposes; enzymes for veterinary purposes; cultures of micro-organisms for veterinary purposes; lotions and greases for veterinary purposes. By bus roadside assistance Buses arrive at the bus station autobussijaam , H-5 , lo- cated just off the main highway from Tartu. Klass Installations and apparatus for cooling, freezing and freeze-drying, included in class 11; parts and accessories for the aforesaid goods, included in class

Klass Paper, cardboard and goods made of these materials, namely office requisites except furniture and school supplies; printing products; photographs; instructional or teaching material except apparatus ; all the aforesaid products not in connection with the theme of the "connecting rods"; paper and cardboard; bookbinding material; stationery; plastic materials for packaging, provided they are not included in other classes.

Klass Advertising; commercial business management; commercial administration; office functions; computerized file management services; data compilation and entry in computer databases; systematization of information in computer databases; updating and maintenance of data in computer databases. Klass Telecommunications; digital transmission of data; transmission of computerized data; provision of online access to data; provision of on-line access to databases; transmission of data via computer networks; electronic transmission of data and documents via computer terminals and electronic devices; rental of access time to a database server.

Klass Transport; packaging and storage of merchandise; physical storage of electronically-stored data or documents; logistics services consisting of the transport and warehousing of goods. Klass Ophthalmic devices, aberrometers, keratometers, autorefractors.

KlaSS Ophthalmological services. Klass 7: Extrusion dies as parts of machines, extrusion presses as parts of metal forming units. Klass Metal treating, in particular of or using extrusion dies or extrusion presses. Klass Ampk rasva kadu and technology services; technical planning and development services relating to extrusion dies and extrusion presses. Klass Communication services, namely, transmitting, receiving, downloading, streaming, and broadcasting of text, images, audio, video and televisions data, television receivers, and set-top-boxes; streaming of audio, visual and audiovisual material via the Internet and communications networks; providing access in the nature of providing telecommunication connectivity services to electronic devices for the transfer of images, messages, audio, visual, audiovisual and multimedia works among televisions, television receivers, and set-top boxes; provision of telecommunication access to television programs provided via a video-on-demand service; transmission services via the Internet featuring photos, videos, text, data, images and other electronic and multimedia works.

Klass 3: Automobile cleaning preparations; shampoos for vehicles; degreasing preparations for engines; windscreen cleaning fluids; valge lightning fat burner review cleaners; car wheel cleaning preparations; windscreen cleaning liquids; automobile wax; air fragrancing preparations.

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KlaSS 5: Car deodorants and car air deodorizers. Klass 8:Window ice scrapers, in particular car window scrapers; car scrapers. Klass Vehicle wheels and wheel covers; mudguards and spoilers for vehicles; luggage carriers for vehicles and automobile roof containers; pneumatic tyres; components for the outer bodies of vehicles; wipers for automobiles and windscreen wiper blades; sideguards for vehicles; brake components; covers for vehicles, including seat covers for vehicles; buffers for vehicle bumpers; ski carriers for vehicles and bicycle handlebars; anti-theft devices for vehicles and other parts and accessories for vehicles included in this class; non-metallic license plate frames.

Klass Number plates, not of metal; non-metal wheel chocks. Klass Car brushes. Klass Vehicle mats and carpets; plastic car floor coverings; car boot mats. Klass Advertising; retail and wholesale services in relation to clothing, footwear, headgear, headbands, hairbands, hair ornaments, hair rollers, hair fastening articles, belts and thongs of leather and fabric, valge lightning fat burner review, handbags, briefcases, purses, bags, neckties, scarves, shawls, ornaments made of or coated with precious or semi-precious metals or stones, or imitations thereofjewellery, time instruments, watches and clocks, umbrellas and parasols, cosmetics.

Klass Installations and apparatus for cooling, freezing and freeze-drying, included in class 11; parts and accessories for the aforesaid goods, included in class Valovaya, 21, korp. Klass Leather and imitations of leather; animal skins; travelling trunks; umbrellas; parasols; pocket wallets; business card cases; credit card cases [wallets]; chamois leather, other than for cleaning purposes; handbag frames; card cases [notecases]; cases of leather or leatherboard; valves of leather; imitation leather; leather, unworked or semi-worked; purses; chain mesh purses; bags [envelopes, pouches] of leather, for packaging; moleskin [imitation of leather]; travelling sets [leatherware]; garment bags for travel; shoulder belts [straps] of leather; briefcases; leather straps; straps of leather [saddlery]; rucksacks; travelling bags; handbags; beach bags; bags for sports; bags for campers; shopping bags; bags; suitcases; suitcases with wheels; valises; attaché cases; leather laces.

Klass Advertising; business management; rental of advertising space; demonstration of goods; marketing; updating of advertising material; provision of an on-line marketplace for buyers and sellers of goods and services; presentation of goods on communication media, for retail purposes; sales promotion for others, including retail or wholesale services; bill-posting; advertising by mail order; television advertising; procurement services for others [purchasing goods and services for other businesses], including retail or wholesale services.

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Via Roma, 61, I PAESANA CuneoIT Klass Non-alcoholic beverages; aerated mineral water; non-aerated mineral water; flavoured mineral water; water-based vitamin drinks; energy and sports drinks; aerated non-alcoholic beverages; non-aerated non-alcoholic beverages; fruit-based beverages and juices; vegetable juices [beverages]; syrups and other preparations for making beverages; essences for making beverages; sherbets [beverages].

Klass Clothing.

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Klass 7: Connection components for heavy construction machinery, pneumatic connection components made of brass and plastic: fitting, rotary fitting, nipple, sleeve, male binding fitting, T-reduction, automatic fitting, automatic T-fitting which are used in machinery and heavy construction machinery, standard series hydraulic pipe clamps, heavy series pipe clamps, aluminum standard and heavy series pipe clamps, hydraulic power units, hydraulic tank cover and filter used in heavy construction machinery.

Klass Caps of plastic, non-metal cable clamps, non-metal clamps, non-metal hose clamps, non-metal pipe clamps, pipe clamps of plastics, pipe clamps of rubber, non-metal plugs, plugs, of plastics. Klass Manufacture of moulds for plastic materials; custom manufacture of moulds for use in industry. ME Omanik: Louder.

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Klass Advertising and sales promotion; conducting public surveys on musical preferences; public relations; market analyses; providing web space for online advertising of goods and services; collection and compilation of statistical data in the field of music; commercial administration of the licensing of the goods and services of others; business management for others. Klass Online social networking services; intellectual property licensing; exploitation of industrial property rights and copyrights by licensing.

Klass Telecommunication; cable television broadcasting; communications by fiber optic networks; electronic bulletin board services [telecommunications services]; information about telecommunication; news agency services; providing access to databases; providing Internet chatrooms; providing online forums; providing telecommunication channels for teleshopping services; providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network; satellite transmission; streaming of data; telecommunications routing and junction services; television broadcasting; video-on-demand transmission; wireless broadcasting.

Klass Entertainment; cultural activities; cinema presentations; entertainer services; entertainment information; entertainment services; film production, other than advertising films; movie studio services; news reporters services; production of radio and television programmes; production of shows; providing films, not downloadable, via video-on-demand services; providing on-line videos, not downloadable; providing television programs, not downloadable, slimming poop video-on-demand services; rental of motion pictures; rental of radio and television sets; subtitling; television entertainment; translation; videotape editing; videotaping.

Salova, 37, lit.

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Look hop on any door, i. The rare exception is a few buses that have that paid parking is in effect.

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Buy per-hour parking passes no-entry signs on their rear doors. If you see this sign from streetside vending machines or kiosks, and be sure and the door doesnt open, head to the front and buy a to leave a parking clock or barring that a written note on ticket from the driver or scan your pre-purchased Smart- your dashboard to mark the time that you first parked.

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If all card at one of the scanners on board see below. The fine for riding like a rabbit - as locals call it - is Ex- Europark Aia 18 ceptions include: registered residents of Tallinn, Tallinn 3. QC3, Aia 18, tel. Card holders, unaccompanied children under the age of europark.

QD2, Rtli 3, tel.

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The simplest version is the single-ride ticket. Non Rvala parking house -Tallinn-residents will need to purchase this ticket from During the day, 2.

Between to0. QD4, Rvala pst. If you are planning on travelling a lot via public trans- europark. Youll need to rent the card for a one-time deposit fee of 2 and then purchase virtual tickets that will be added Solaris parking house to the card.

These come in the form of a 24 hour 372 Entrance from Sakala street. QD3, Estonia pst.

Järgmine nr. Erandina on käsitsi parandatud autorite nimed, pealkirjad ja pildiallkirjad. Täpsuse aste sõltub mitmest asjaolust: väljaande trükikvaliteedist, mikrofilmi kvaliteedist skaneerimise hetkel, kujunduse elementidest, skannerist, aga ka OCR tärgituvastuse tarkvarast.

The card will need to be validated upon entering the vehi- Vabaduse vljak parking house cle by holding it in front of the orange validation machine. QD2, Vabaduse vljak 9, tel. Each time you add another E-ticket to the card youll Viru Centre parking house need to repeat this process. QC4, Viru vljak 4, tel.

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Always check the prices first, which should posted on the taxis right rear window. Taxis typically charge a starting fee and begin racking up the kilometre charges immediately.

Luckily the City recently implemented a law governing taxis and have put a cap on the starting fare max. Ordering by phone is the best strategy though, as usually they have better rates. Another option is to use one of the numerous taxi ordering apps like Taxify, Taxigo or Drivr to name a few.

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The often controversal Uber taxi service is also availble in Tallinn. Heres a list of taxi companies along with their daytime Car rental base fares and per-kilometre rates. New car models and an easy online booking system.

QI6, Ltsa 8a m from Tallinn Airporttel.

DYOR Utrust (UTK) - teave Utrusti kohta

Open Closed Sat, Brand-new fleet of electric taxis, environmentally Sun. Avis QJ6, Tartu mnt. Open - Only large taxis available, best for small groups. Budget peretakso. QJ6, Tartu mnt. Reval Takso 2. Europcar reval-takso.

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Sbra Takso 2. QI3, Tatari 56, tel.

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Falck Autoabi Vlk Takso By far the most full-service outfit in the country, they Also using electric cars this one has slightly higher offer help in any kind of road emergency, all across rates. Open valktakso. Officials still recom- mend you arrive 2 hours before your flight though.

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A taxi Go Bus ride from the centre roughly costs 10 and takes between Operating lines all over Estonia, these modern blue buses 10 and 20 minutes. You can also take bus N2 from the can take you to regional destinations such as Prnu, Hiiu- A.

Buses leave from the central bus station. QLastekodu 84 33, info tll. Nordica Estonias new airline, Nordica, has replaced Estonian Lux Express Air and currently operates several routes in Europe and Lux Express runs most international bus routes from Scandinavia in cooperation with Adria Airways. QJ6, Estonia and also several domestic routes. Seats can be Tartu mnt.

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You can also buy 00, info nagroup. Open tickets from the website. Find the office on the bus sta- -Sat - QH5, Lastekodu 46, tel. Buses If youre travelling city-to-city in the Baltics or around Esto- SEBE nia and you dont have your own car, the bus is definitely Sebe runs express buses to Tartu and also lines to Prnu, the way to go. Its also a good way to meet local students. Narva, Valga, Kuressaare, Vru, Haapsalu.

Discount tick- Connections are frequent and cheap, allowing you to cross ets can be purchased online or from the electronic kiosk the country for the same money you might spend on a taxi at the bus station.

The electrical current is volts AC, 50Hz. Sockets take the standard, round-pinned European plugs. The largest minority in June 24 St.

See website for prices and schedules. QLastekodu 46 Tallinn Bus Stationtel. Tallinns small bus station has been recently renovated to suit the modernity of its passengers. Tickets are available in- international bus side the station or from the driver let ticket-holders get on the bus first. Ticket prices depend on the bus company and schedule route.