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Pakett: Jah. Samuti on tuntud Euroopa teadusülikoolide liige.

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Z dniem jak fenguje multi slim uchwały przez Senat Uniwersytetu Papieskiego Jana Pawła II pracownia rozpoczęła działalność dydaktyczną, naukowo-badawczą i konserwatorską związaną z opieką nad zbiorami tekstyliów kościelnych z obszaru Krakowa i Małopolski. Similarly, Synadenium umbellatum Pax. Both plants are popularly known as janaúba or leitosinha.

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The objectives of this study were to use pharmacobotanical analysis to verify whether these two species, which are considered to be distinct, are actually the same to determine anatomical markers; to assist in the identification and differentiation of other Euphorbia; and to evaluate the cytotoxic activity of the latex in relation to HeLa and HRT cells.

Leaves and stems of the species were collected in Goiânia and Ponta Grossa and were investigated using scanning electron microscopy and optical microscopy techniques.

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The latex was also collected and analyzed in relation to its cytotoxic effect by employing MTT and NR techniques. The pharmacobotanical study of the specimens in both localities showed that they were the same species, namely Euphorbia umbellata Pax Bruyns, which is the scientific nomenclature accepted and confirmed by an expert taxonomist who specializes in Euphorbia.

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The pharmacobotanical characteristics highlighted in this study can assist in the identification of the taxon and contribute to the control of the quality of this plant drug. The evaluation of the latex in relation to HRT cells demonstrated action after 48 h of experiment.

In contrast, in relation to HeLa cells its induced cytotoxicity in all times and a dose-dependent manner.

jak fenguje multi slim

The IC50 values 72 h observed were