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Just selliseks hetkeks olin ma pakkinud Huarazist kaasa ka väikese pudeli viskit. My small orange Marmot tent, standing somewhere four thousand meters above sea level did not feel like the most secure shelter in the middle of a midnight storm. What makes me pack my heavy bag and go on this arduous journey? A purely instinctual creature, all desire and joy and rage. Gaia succeeds in focusing the public's rage on the actual danger, not the criminal who exposes it. Ainuke, mis ennast peas väljendas oli mõte tillukesest metallist jublakast, mis ühendas telgi kahte raami kõrgeimas punktis ja kui hästi see järgmist pikselööki võiks meelitada.

I suddenly was seized with an insane fury against this blathering idiot. Tema nägu väänatud ja tihedalt suletud suuga moonutas raev. His face with its twisted and tightly closed mouth was distorted with fury. Miljoneid tapnud Aja Lordi raev. The rage of a Time Lord who butchered millions. Copy Report an error Keegi jõuaks minu profiilile tavaline raev ja vastik, vastaksin piiblisalmide, popkultuuri viidete ja naerunägude kohandatud seguga.

Someone would arrive at my profile with the usual rage and scorn, I would respond with a custom mix of Bible verses, pop culture references and smiley faces. Kuid Dave'i raev sai täielikult aru But the full extent of dave's rage was realized Copy Report an error Valu, häbi, raev, kannatamatus, vastikus, vihkamine näisid hetkega tekitavat värisevat konflikti suurel õpilasel, kes laienes tema eebeni kulmu all. Pain, shame, ire, impatience, disgust, detestation, seemed momentarily to hold a quivering conflict in the large pupil dilating under his ebon eyebrow.

Copy Report an error Ja ometi oli raev, mida üks inimene tundis, abstraktselt ja suunamata emotsioonina, mille oli võimalik ühelt objektilt teisele ümber lülitada nagu hõõglambi leek. And yet the rage that one felt was an abstract, undirected emotion which could be switched from one object to another like the flame of a blowlamp. Puhtalt vaistlik olend, kogu soov, rõõm ja raev. A purely instinctual creature, all desire and joy and rage.

Copy Report an valge lightning fat burner Ta ütleb, et kõik, mida ma tegema pean, on oma süsivesikute langetamine ja hullumeelne raev, nii et õue peal olevad esinduslased arvavad, et ma olen lokk He says all I need to do is lower my carbs and get crazy wiry, so eses in the yard think I'm loco.

See pole nii, et selle põhjas oleks mingi hõõguv raev. It's not like there's some smoldering rage at the bottom of it. Nagu te kõik teate, on Öine raev välgu ja surma enda ebapüha järglane. As you all know, the Night Fury is the unholy offspring of lightning and death itself. Ta vaatas teda ja tema näos väljendatud raev tekitas talle muret ja hämmastust. He looked at her, and the fury expressed in her face alarmed and amazed him. Pettumuse raev raputas teda, viha, aimdus.

A rage of disappointment shook him, a wrath, a foreboding. Copy Report an error Aga las ma vaatan lapse kuritarvitada ja punaste vereliblede kiirustada minu pead raev.

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But let me see a child abused, and the red blood will rush to my head from rage. Okay, as long as she's got that 9-iron, the slightest annoyance is gonna magnify into a furious rage. Kõik teie hirmud, raev, enesekindlus. All your fears, rage, self-doubt. Copy Report an error XIX sajandi romantilisuse vastumeelsus on Calibani raev, kui ta ei näe klaasis oma nägu. The nineteenth century dislike of Romanticism is the rage of Caliban not seeing his own face in a glass.

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Copy Report an error Tema raevunud hinge kogu raev langes, kuna meri langeb tuule käes. Tal oli olnud südames, huultel, et ta uuesti nutma hakkaks, All the fury of her tempestuous soul fell, as the sea falls under a lapse of wind. She had had it in heart, on her lips, to cry again, Raev, raev valguse suremise vastu Rage, rage against the dying of the light Raev masina vastu - nüüd, mis hoiab sind ärkvel.

Rage against the machine- now that keeps you awake. Copy Report an error Ma vabastasin teid, et saaksite teada vabadust ja vabastada veel kord oma raev selle riigi vastu. I released you so that you might know freedom and vent your rage against this country once more. Kas olete elukutselt põnn või lihtsalt raev? It was a grey, rainy, cold morning and the dusty dry season roads had turned into muddy paths that were walled by two-three stories high unfinished brick buildings.

First floors were filled with small shops, modest cafes and restaurants, dark workshops, and uninvitingly dusty staircases that were yawing out onto street. People outside seemed reserved.

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They were looking down, walking fast, but determined and knowingly towards their destination. Every dry corner, shelter, eave was occupied by a homeless dog who sometimes was driven back in the rain by an angry word, broom, or a kick from a local. November, Andean summer and the rainy season did not give the best theme for the introduction of the city.

In and in Huaraz survived two tragic natural disasters. The first one happened when a small earthquake destroyed a dam up in the mountains and an avalanche of water, snow, stones, and broken trees wiped away the newest part of the city. On the 31st of May the biggest natural disaster of Peruvian history happened — 7. The avalanche that tumbled down from Cordillera Blanca was much more devastating than the one in Most of the city was destroyed in minutes and more than people lost their lives.

It was later confirmed that only 91 people in Huaraz survived. When the city was being rebuilt architects decided to get rid of narrow winding streets that during the disaster turned into death traps. They were replaced with more open spaces. Wide boulevards were built, valge lightning fat burner created, and smaller squares added.

But who am I?

These places function as recreational spaces and increase safety of the city. However, the disasters still linger over the city like dark shadows. Unfinished houses, metal rods that poke out form buildings, bare brick walls, construction rubbish, and ruins remind everyone what happened here and give Huaraz a raw atmosphere.

The storm had disappeared and clouds were dispersing in the morning sun. After assembling the camp and a short break to enjoy one of the more beautiful sunrises I turned my gaze upwards and started walking. The decision to leave the main camping ground behind and stop further up in a less known place turned out to be great. It meant that last evening I had to take breaks after every ten meters, but now, fresh and ready I was so much closer to the highest point of the hike, Punta Union.


The barely noticeable road meandered between large and clear melt water ponds and colossal boulders. The great granite valge lightning fat burner forcefully reaching towards sky were silently passing me by. Mornings in mountains are some of the more impressive moments in the world. Golden brown and yellow vegetation that swallow sunlight are a great contrast to blindingly white snowy peaks which reflect morning light as countless rays all over the valley.

Between small soft clouds that hang in the air one can see bright blue glaciers. Being surrounded by these seemingly otherworldly sights I noticed that I had picked up some companions.

Two Andean condors were carried up by wind as I never noticed them flap their wings. Higher I marched worse the weather turned and more difficult the trek became. The ground underneath my feet was getting more slippery. Stones were covered with a thin veil of snow, it had started to melt and mix with water that was dripping kaalulangus pasta sooki from cliffs.

Setting one foot in front of the other was arduous and after every 5 to 10 minutes I had to take a break. During longer stops I filled my cheek with coca leaves and chewed these bitter herbs.

These plants are the best remedy for altitude sickness. They give you energy, relieve head- and muscle aches, ease breathing, and help in many more ways. Locals wear beautifully sown bags around their necks that are filled with dried coca leaves. Dried coca leaves are usually chewed but you can also drop them in hot water and brew a tasty tea out of it. While hiking the mountains it is possible to come across moments that can only be explained through the feeling, they stir in you.

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The same moment when your heart swells in fantasy movies, when there is a large spanning shot of the subject in the landscape. These moments are rare to happen, but when they do, it hits you with a force incomparable. As I was reaching next plateau and expecting next ascent after that I realized, I had made it to the highest point of my journey, Punta Union at meters above sea level.

Pressing through a narrow saddle shaped opening a beautiful vista opened up into the nature beyond.


This green brown valley was like a massive cathedral nave whose high crude walls were crowned by some of the most spectacular peaks in the world: Alpamayo, Santa Cruz, and valge lightning fat burner famous Paramount Pictures mountain, Artesonraju. The soft carpet-like mountain vegetation felt good as I let my eye wonder into the distance. To put it into words is even harder.

However, I might try by explaining how I felt at that moment. Here, lying on your back and leading your hand across the peaks towards the sky, anxiety and fear fused with inspiration, awe, and childish happiness. It was difficult to breathe, not only because I was on meters above the sea level or because I had just finished a difficult pass, but also because the impression of the surrounding nature.

For thousands of years these sharp peaks had pushed upwards with unrestrained force but now, resting next to them they looked calm and silent. I felt completely free. Here, far from home I did not feel loneliness, need, dependency — I was happy. This was the place where my journey, adventure, life, and choices had led me. At that moment, a tiny person among giants I felt complete peace. Streets in the center bustle with alpinists and hikers looking for adventure agencies, backpackers keeping their eyes open for cheap hiking hear, and other tourists visiting markets and souvenir stalls.

All of us have come here to enjoy the surrounding nature. There are short 60 naela kaalulangus day trips to turquoise glacial lakes like Laguna 69 or Laguna Paron. These are good ways to acclimatize. After getting used to the altitude more serious hikers can challenge themselves with multi-day treks. The most popular ones are four-day Santa Cruz trek and ten-day Huayhuash circuit. These are also considered to be some of the more spectacular walks in the world.

If someone needs more excitement or they really want to push themselves, then Huaraz is surrounded by peaks waiting to be conquered again and again. Short one day climbs or extremely difficult several day excursions are available. There is something for every taste and level of experience.

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Like the day before I decided to leave the official camping site behind and walk additional 2 kilometers to Alpamayo base camp. While working as a volunteer at Andean Summit several people told me that the extra effort will be worth it.

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After a steep walk uphill and over a wet plateau I reached a huge Andean Polylepis which was towering above a comfortable-looking moss covered floor.

This old arching tree was like a roof over the campsite. Setting up camp and deciding where and which direction put your tent is one of the more enjoyable elements of hiking. Especially when you can set it up so that your door opens up towards the perfect pyramid shaped peak of Artesonraju that shines violet red in the blazing sunset.

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That night I was not the only person around. As the evening shade was crossing valge lightning fat burner valley a French guy called Jean walked into the camp. His path went opposite way to mine but as it happened it was the second night of Santa Cruz trek for both of us.

The beauty of hiking is also revealed in casual acquaintances — friends that step into your life for just a moment and disappear down the road the next day. In the evening, underneath the shining stars and next to the blazing camp-fire we shared our food and made something heartier for dinner. Just for these moments I took a small bottle of whiskey from Huaraz. We felt good and the mood was grand. Evening hours disappeared fast in engaging conversations and photographing night sky.

Finally, late into the night the mountain freeze banished us into our tents and as I woke up next morning I saw that my tent and surrounding mountaintops were covered with soft layer of snow. It seemed like someone had sprinkled powdered sugar all over nature. The heaviness of the mountains disappeared and needle-sharp peaks seemed light on the background of grey sky.

While eating hot porridge in this dreamlike landscape, my mind wandered back to Huaraz and food that I will eat when I get back.

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During 19th and 20th century a lot of East-Asians emigrated to Peru. They brought their own recipes but had to use local ingredients. The result was a super popular chifa. For locals this interesting fusion is a certain choice for Sunday lunch. Chifa places are popular during other days as well, but on Sundays the best places have queues in front of the door that can span for a bloc or two.

The most popular dishes are lomo saltado or beef wok, chaufa or fried rice, tallarin or egg noodles and wonton soup. For couple of euros one can feed a family of four or a very hungry backpacker. With food people usually order Inca Cola, the most popular neon yellow soft drink in Peru. Adults also take a big bottle of beer and mix it with Inca cola, filling their glass half cola and half beer. The third day has etched in my memory through various senses, colours and rain, rather than events that happened.

Most of the journey was already done and the path in front was largely downhill. Despite this, it was not easier. The ground was covered in soft sand, walking through it was time consuming and difficult.

The higher part of the valley, near Taullipampa campsite and Punta Union, there used to be a large glacial lake, but countless earthquakes had changed the landscape allowed water to run down the valley. Now, most of the path was covered with sediment that rapids and fast mountain streams had brought to the lake. Trying to find the valge lightning fat burner and defying rain I remembered that Andean summer was full of rainy and damp days.

The valley that had seemed so colourful before had turned into grey and faded. Humidity was overwhelming and all my clothes were wet, although I had rainproof gear.

In my own tiredness I could not fight against the weather and I decided to let water wash over me and enjoy this moment as well. What makes me pack my heavy bag and go on this arduous journey? Is it the thirst for adventure, romantic idea about finding yourself or a deeper meaning in nature, to escape cityscape or enjoy some natural wonders for the last time before they disappear in this rapidly changing climate? In some ways there is truth in each one of them, but my main, maybe even unconscious, push comes from the freedom and peace of mind that being nature brings out in me.

It creates clarity and highlights the important things — even if it is just for a moment. In the morning of my fourth day of my Santa Cruz trip I was greeted by a small Andean village Cashapampa.

After a short break in this archaic village untouched by time I was picked up by java slimming coffee collective, a small bus that takes people and goods from one village to another.

Having arrived back to Huaraz I rushed to my favourite chifa place and after a big lunch I went to clean my camping equipment. I felt good and strong after finishing Santa Cruz. Next couple of weeks passed with preparations. I made some shorter hikes, checked my equipment, planned the route, bought food and solved some other small issues. One December morning I sat in a white collective that took me to Llamac, another small village where day Huayhuash trek and the culmination of my time in Huaraz started.

All done. Foto collectivo juhi poolt. Ma karjusin, nii kõvasti kui suutsin. Hirmust, elevusest, abitusest, ma isegi ei tea. Iga poole minuti tagant vahetus pilkane öö hetkeks pimestava valgusega. Viivitamatult järgnes sellele kõrvulukustav mürin. Eelmine välk lõi minust kuhugile viiekümne meetri kaugusele. Teine oli lähemal. Järgmise kaugust polnud mõtet eriti arvata. Olin kindel, et see lööb telki.

Väike oranž Marmoti telk nelja tuhande meetri kõrgusel merepinnast ei tundunud kõige kindlam varjupaik keset ööpimeduses möllavat äikesetormi. Ainuke, mis ennast peas väljendas oli mõte tillukesest metallist jublakast, mis ühendas telgi kahte raami kõrgeimas punktis ja valge lightning fat burner hästi see järgmist pikselööki võiks meelitada.

Minu karjeid ei kuulnud keegi, isegi kui inimene oleks seisnud vaid paari sammu kaugusel. Vihm täitis kogu mu maailma. Piisad olid nii rasked, et ootasin hetke, mil nad telgiriidest läbi rebivad ja minu väikesesse ulualusesse sisse murravad.

See oli mu Santa Cruzi neljapäevase matka esimene öö.

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Suutmata loodusjõudude ja enda meelte segaduses magama jääda, uitas mõte hoopis tagasi Huarazi ning miks ometi mugava linna seljataha jätsin ja ohutust kaugusest kaunilt paistvate tippude vahele matkama ronisin. Sõit Limast Huarazi kestab umbes kaheksa tundi.

Selle aja jooksul vurab buss Vaikse ookeani kaldalt läbi kõrbe, talupoegade raske tööga liivalt tagasivõidetud rohealast sügavate kanjoniteni ning edasi järjest kõrgemale taeva poole. Kõrguse alatasasest vahetusest olid mu kõrvad nii tihti lukus, et kordade lugemine läks kiiresti sassi. Sõit oli natuke üksluine ja hommikul kangena ärgates mõtlesin, et sellel sõidul ei tulegi lõppu. Viimaks märkasin kauguses, läbi halli udu ja pilvede, Cordillera Huayuashi ning Cordillera Blanca ahelike lumised tippe.

Olin jõudnund Andide jalamile ja ma ei jõudnud ära oodata kui näen selle maailmajao kõrgeimaid tippe. Huaraz asub